EBSN Professional Development Series for Basic Skills Teachers


OERs and MOOCs for basic skills teachers

The key results of the project are the 6 thematic open educational resource (OER) units and 6 respective massive open online courses (MOOCs):

  • EBSN Professional Development Series (OERs)
  • PDS Learning Modules (MOOCs)

Approaching Digital Teaching & Learning

Basic Literacy

Empowering Adult Learners of Basic Skills

Diversity & Interculturalism

Digital Basic Skills Programs for Adults

Facilitating the Learning Process

The OER units are the basis of the MOOCs. They cover significant themes in basic skills provision that are backed up by the preliminary research and needs analysis report. The OERs gives space for a more autonomous learning process. The OERs and the respective MOOCs are thematic in nature i.e. they will be about specific fields of basic skills provision. These themes are related to the Upskilling Pathways recommendation thus will include topics e.g. workplace basic skills development. Although, generally the selection of themes will be based on the result of a preliminary desk research and needs analysis, some a priori topics can be foreseen as relevant. One such theme is transversally about innovative methods of basic skills training, including the didactics involved in using low-cost digital devices for flipped learning.

Every MOOC is a four week long online learning module with virtual badge.

Completion is rewarded with an EBSN virtual badge. These badges play a significant role in the accreditation and the certification of the learning modules’ completion criteria too. The quality assurance plan is especially focused on ensuring an authentic, and valid set of virtual badges to support the accreditation and generate trust towards the MOOCs and the Professional Development Series too.

Preliminary research – SETU (WP2)

Topics of the research:
  • Exploratory Research Report on the Professional Development for Teachers of Basic Skills
  • Report on the Needs of Basic Skills Teachers: a list of thematic OER units
  • List of relevant resources: Professional Development for Teachers of Basic Skills

As a result of the analysis of the needs of the adult education sector in this desk research, we will get a list of relevant thematic OER units for further work.


Learning Platform – NALA (WP4)

Development and preparation of the learning management system (LMS) that is aimed at hosting the online learning modules (OERs and MOOCs). This platform will then host the evaluation surveys related to both the MOOCs and OER units too.