EBSN Professional Development Series for Basic Skills Teachers

EBSN PDS Microcredentials

Microcredentials to enhance participation and performance in adult learning

The learning environment is changing rapidly. Social, economic, and technological developments over the last decade have led to a preference for smaller, incremental educational interactions.

Bite-size pieces of learning which can offer solutions to complex work problems appeal to today’s learners and are a valuable addition to the learning landscape.

Recently, the recognition of small parcels of learning known as micro-credentials have become popular.  Micro-credentials also help to respond to rapidly changing skill needs in the labour market.

Micro-credentials are, by their nature, short in duration and online. Learners can access the course asynchronously, anytime and at their own pace.

However, these learning parcels need to be engaging for the learner. They need to have distinct outcomes and be intentionally designed. This necessitates more than placing documents on a learning management system and allowing the learner to navigate to it by themselves.

This PDS video on Microdrenetials help understanding the topic referring to the use and benefits of microcredentials in the focus of basic skills development for adult learners.

This report describes the micro-credentials developed as part of an Erasmus+ funded project.

This report is the accreditation report of an Erasmus+ funded project titled ‘EBSN Professional Development Series for Basic Skills Teachers’.