EBSN Professional Development Series for Basic Skills Teachers

What we do?

EBSN Professional Development Series for Basic Skills Teachers. Our PDS Project’s main goal is to strengthen existing transnational networks of adult education providers, by providing specific innovative pedagogical approaches in adult education.

Our Project offers a tool to mitigate the challenges posed toward European societies by the ever-increasing pace of digitalisation by preparing teachers to understand and better address the training needs of adults who are most exposed to losing jobs due to automatization. The training content accounts for the 3-step approach of the Upskilling Pathways.

Who it is for?

“Training the trainers” is an urgent and inescapable task in basic skills education of adults.

Survey of Adult Skills (‘PIAAC’), tested the levels of literacy, numeracy and problem-solving in technology-rich environments, indicates that quarter of adults aged 16 to 65 performed at the lowest level of proficiency in 20 Member States.

This situation calls for an urgent action in the field of ’training the trainers’ too to equip adult educators, teachers, and their organizations with the necessary background to help people strengthen or acquire basic skills.

Our PDS Project support teachers, adult educators, basic skills trainers, and tutors to develop their training skills and methods to help peoples upskilling pathway to ensuring or entering a position at the labour market.

Who we are?

The project partners come from different part of adult learning. Our common goal is to increase the quality of training the trainers processes.

What happens?

Latest news

Pilot MOOCs – evaluation process

Pilot MOOCs – evaluation process

The four pilot courses of the EBSN PDS project ended last week. Three of the four courses were delivered in the countries of one of the participating partners (Ireland, Malta and Hungary), facilitated in national languages to maximise participant engagement. The...

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Professional round table and partners meeting in Vienna

Professional round table and partners meeting in Vienna

EBSN Annual Conference proved to be a great source of inspiration for the project partners and excellent platform to effectively spread the word about the project and the future possibilities offered by PDS for potential European cooperation partners. After the...

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